The Whiffle Pig allotment has been bursting with life over September with the luscious tomatoes
and triumphant turnips booming. We have continued to donate the boxes to the Hope Centre and
to local families – as well as having enough to donate to friends who have found themselves in

We realised that, we can send recipes and vegetables but many will not have many of the
ingredients needed to make a meal (i.e: tomato paste, oil, seasoning, flour etc) so we wanted to
include exact measurements of these into the boxes along side the recipes and make videos. We
have decided to select 20 pilot testers for this new idea to try it out for us. We have asked some
of our old patients living with neurological damage, some who have lived with eating disorders
and some who are young families – the rest we are putting a call out on social media. What is
important to us it that it works to help families and we need them to give us the honest feedback
which will make a difference.

To go along side these boxes we have been working with Gardening For Wellbeing to help us
design window boxes from recycled materials so that families can grow from home, each month
we will send different seeds to trial. For those who have more of an interest can start coming to
sessions we can run when the socially distanced rules are lifted.