This month I would like to tell you about another social enterprise we have within Style Acre.  The Style Acre charity shop in Wallingford, like the tearoom provides working opportunities for the adults we support with learning disabilities and autism.

It is a pretty special place! We offer 1:1 supported placements, group supported placements and lots of volunteering opportunities.

This month in the shop we offered work placements for 19 people, including 5 Duke of Edinburgh placements.

Our shop is normally the first working opportunity we offer our community, as it is calm, can often be a seated opportunity and its super fun.  It is a great way to build confidence, talk with the community and feel connected! Yesterday Alan came to our shop, he tidied the Bric a brac shelves, tided the clothes, scarfs and helped one of our volunteers create a new window display.  He did such a great job choosing the items to go in and created an eye-catching display… Alan was so pleased the 2 items in the window were sold within 5 minutes of finishing the job! He then enjoyed a lovely cup of tea!

If you are ever in the Wallingford area, do pop in and say hi!