2020 has most definitely been a year filled with unexpected turns, and with the global COVID-19 pandemic causing us to postpone our fundraiser festival, MMT Weekender 2020.

2020 was set to be an exciting year for MMT Weekender Festival, and a year which would have seen the launch of a campaign to build a MMT Music Studio in the local community. When we first launched MMT Weekender, we wanted to ensure we made a lasting impact, and inspired generations to pursue their musical talents. We felt a studio in the local community would be perfect for our vision. There are little to no spaces similar in the region and we believe that a studio would be a catalyst for creativity.

The aim of the music studio would not only be to provide a creative space and opportunities for the talented musicians of the area who may not be able to access the same opportunities and resources, but also an opportunity for younger generations of Dzita who have been inspired by the music of the weekender festival to learn and create music and explore talent which they may have not yet realised. We would create a multi purpose venue, that will also home local enterprises.

However, the studio would not only benefit the musically motivated but would also provide workspace for The Girls Club Ghana, which will act as a health clinic for young girls in the community, as well as office space for a local soap business, and the Dzita Development Association, all in keeping with the ethical vision to help encourage better education, hygiene and female empowerment within the local community.

With Covid-19s presence ever looming, especially over the events and travel industry, both of which MMT Weekender heavily relies upon, it has become impossible for us to plan a festival in the near future, and therefore we are proposing to pivot our plans, and direct our current funds and fundraising efforts towards this community hub. We can’t thank our supporters such as Vegware enough, and can’t wait to share further updates in the coming months.