May has seen some lovely lush growth on the Whiffle Pig allotment so we’re confident that our community veg boxes will have a great mix of produce in them. Despite some herbicide damage from shop-bought compost earlier this month we have thankfully sown more than we needed and were able to fill the gaps. Aminopyralid damage (pic below on runner beans) is something we encourage everyone to look out for in newly sown crops and contact compost companies if their seedlings show signs of damage. Not only is this problem affecting large companies, it is also detering new aspiring gardeners as it is easy to assume the damage as something that is the fault of the individual if people aren’t aware of the issue. Hopefully our actions will raise some awareness! 


We have now reached the recipe chapter for our project! Each veg box will have a selection of easy recipes so that every scrap is used as economically and as fully as possible. Our link with the University of Nottingham’s Dietetic Department means that a number of our recipes will be created in conjunction with dietetic students to ensure that nutrient properties are optimal for our community veg box recipients. It is a really exciting time and we’re looking forward to the June update which will show more than just cascades of radish and spinach which is currently our top harvest! We delivered a few mini salad boxes to some NHS workers in the meantime to show both our appreciation for their work during the current pandemic and to support them to eat healthily. Many busy NHS staff either skip lunch or grab something quick and unhealthy whilst they’re preoccupied with caring for others. Thank you to our NHS Heroes!