This month has been another busy one for us at Three Hares Woodland. We’ve continued to host our Kaimes school on Mondays. This month they have been finding and foraging all sorts of autumnal plants and berries on the land as well as continuing to explore and learn in nature.

The weekend before COP26 Three Hares had the pleasure of welcoming Kyria arts for a couple of days rest stop before the last leg of their (long!) journey to COP26. Kyria arts have been walking from the south of England to Scotland over the last few months in time for the UN climate conference which starts this week in Glasgow.

The walkers have been gathering stories, dreams and hopes from people they’ve met along the way to create a final performance piece to be presented during COP26 which reflects the people and land which made up their journey.

Dougie Mackay storyteller and other Scottish residents gathered at Three Hares to welcome them for a day of storytelling, performance exchanges and fire gathering.

Then for the first time since the pandemic, we hosted one of our monthly volunteering days. This month the day was led by Alice, our funding officer. We were focussing on tree care by removing grasses around the bases of some of the 3000 trees we’ve planted over the last 5 years. This ensures the trees have the best chance of survival by reducing their competition for nutrients.

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Group photo at the three hares woodland group