Rowanbank Environmental Arts & Education has been particularly hard hit by COVID-19. All our projects for 2020 were cancelled or postponed. This has been really tough for us, as we had so many exciting and inspiring community events planned for this year. We also earn a large proportion of our yearly income in the Spring and Summer months, and therefore it is very worrying for us going forwards. However, we’ve been very busy applying for funding for new projects and are hopeful that we will be able to diversify what we do to make it safe to begin working again in August. Our Forest School and Outdoor Learning work is looking to become a much bigger part of what we do, with our larger event work on hold for now. We even made it into the Sunday Times newspaper during lockdown! (See attached.)

I just wanted to write to thank Vegware for your continued support during this tricky time. To larger organisations, the funding you provide us with might not seem like very much, but for us it really makes a big difference.