Dream Big Ghana NGO has continued into Phase 2 of its COVID-19 response, which involves the creation of ‘tippy tap’ hand washing stations in front of all classrooms, ready for the time when schools return. Due to recent cases of the virus having been recorded locally, the soap production factory will continue to provide soap at a reduced cost, with handwashing demonstrations and education available.

In other news, Dream Big Ghana NGO has begun work on a rehabilitation project on local school toilets. We conducted an assessment of toilet facilities in all local schools, using a WHO/UNICEF assessment method. We identified numerous areas for improvement and are certain that we can make the experience of going to the toilet a lot more comfortable and safe for both students and teachers. Dream Big Ghana NGO is even trying to convert a more common pit latrine into a composting toilet to enable the waste to be transformed into a resource for agriculture.

Denyigba Lorlor continues to make progress towards the goal of giving every member of the community the opportunity to plant at least 7 trees. The COVID-19 pandemic saw school closures in the local community of Wli, but with life returning back to some kind of normality, Safo and his team are planning to work with a local Junior High School to plant a tree nursery and educate children to understand the benefit of tree planting. Through funds raised on DBGF’s Just Giving campaign, Denyigba Lorlor was able to purchase 1000 coconut seeds, ready for nurturing in the Agbledomi and Atsiame tree nurseries, here Richard (Agbledomi) and Japhet (Atsiame) will be tending to them. This takes the total number of saplings being nurtured this year to 2500!

Please note that the toilets in the photograph have not been built by Dream Big Ghana. We are rehabilitating the toilets so they are up to a usable standard!