The Marine Education Center, located in Marmoneck, NY, is extremely grateful to receive the plant-based gloves from Vegware this month. During the last couple of winter months, we have been doing weekly clean-ups every Friday, and the gloves come in very handy!

These last couple of weeks there has been a lot of rain and has resulted in a lot of garbage coming down the Mamaroneck River. This river drains into the harbor, which is part of the Long Island Sound, and ultimately leads into the Ocean.

It was surprising to still find a lot of floatable large debris, but also a disappointing amount of microplastic. We centered a lot of our clean-ups around trying to get this out of the sand and water. The picture shown below is from a small 2-foot area of the beach.

We were getting a lot of the plastic ‘nurdles’, which are pre-production pellets of plastic. These are some of the worst things in the ocean, because animals easily mistake them for food.

Thank you to Vegware gloves for helping us get the small plastic pollutant off the beach and out of the ocean! 

Written by: Kyle Troy, Marine Education Center