Our first blog following Vegware’s fantastic decision to help fund the animal food bill at our wildlife centre.

We have all the usual wild birds to feed here, from Blue Tits to Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and we also feed some slightly more unusual creatures. Pine Martens love peanut butter, jam and eggs; sometimes they steal entire feeders and hide them for later! Our badgers visit every night and will eat the birds’ fat balls, as well as peanuts, sardines, cheese, you name it! Red Squirrels, Field Voles and Wood Mice also appear regularly. We have camera traps on the loch below us and here we get to see Knapdale’s star attraction the Beaver. Beavers are very partial to sweet potatoes, carrots and apples.

Despite the warm weather recently, life can be pretty tough at the end of winter for our wildlife. Fat reserves are low and food is in short supply. We hosted a ‘Feed the Animals’ event at our wildlife centre recently and folk had the opportunity to make their own coconut shell feeders.

To find out more about the work of Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation, please visit their website here.