In May, we piloted our first wild swimming group with a small group of mums. This took place during Mental Health Awareness Week, and complimented this year’s theme of ‘Nature’.

Some of the members of the group mentioned how nice it was to meet up in person with other people after a tough year of lockdowns and isolation.

We first all sat around a fire and drew or wrote our feelings before getting ready to brave the water! After the swim, we sat with a hot drink and asked each attendee for one word to describe how they felt after their dip:

“Calm”, “Joyful”, “Proud”, “Invigorated”, “Refreshed”, “Impressed” and “Peaceful”.

We also had an opportunity to discuss the benefits of wild swimming on your mental health, as well as an opportunity for the group to be open and honest about how they felt in regards to their own mental health.

The team and mum’s had such a lovely morning, and we can’t wait for the next one!