We received an email on Friday  from Cycling Scotland-through Big Bike Revival. They have been talking with A Greener Melrose about setting up a community cycling club-seemingly A Greener Melrose was to have been in touch with us about a tie in with that.

 The University has asked us about  a supply of bikes for students to get to and from Gala Interchange. We will be having a chat  next week about what may be possible-

Supplied approx 15 bikes /trikes to nursery/ primary school in Jedburgh in Feb so that nursery and P1 children may cycle in playground.

 Possible bike hire in Coldingham/St Abbs.  The local community wishes to make bikes available to promote tourism and have been in touch with one of my colleagues in Berwickshire.

 Sales-very good bike sales in February although we still have the trike and ideally would like to sell on to someone who has a disability and  who really needs it. 

Funding –we continue to explore avenues for long term funding that will enable us to employ staff and expand the business.