eliza-looksEliza is having chemo for a rare cancer with her family bolstering her recovery with a special diet and equipment funded by the community. The support they received from has broken all records – an incredible community effort raised £20,000 in a week while a rota of neighbours come to help in the home. Vegware fund was one of the first contributors. Her parents say it has transformed the nightmare, they feel carried instead of lost and broken. Eliza is happy as she has not been many months, and responding surprisingly well to all the treatment. She was in constant pain and cried ‘Nearly done? nearly done?’ when things were at their worst in August. Now she laughs, plays and jokes about her treatment and calls the tubes her wigglies. The tumour has shrunk back, but it’s a long journey ahead. Her strong positive spirit is on her side, a ‘beautiful fighter’ in a song written by a local musician.