March has been a difficult month of changes for everyone and Whiffle Pig is determined to keep supporting their participants and the community wherever possible. A sunflower and pumpkin competition has been announced and seeds have been sent out to keep as many people as engaged and sociable as possible both at home and with the online community. Our Vegware boxes have been used to create resource kits for families who are self-isolating and these include seeds and planting instructions to even utilise the box itself as a planter amongst other things! 

Our allotment is a focus of preparation and support for the community. We were able to fund and install a wheelchair accessible composting toilet this month and also begin sowing seeds and learning as much as we can about successional planting to get the most out of the growing space. Our aim during this time of isolation is to safely deliver food boxes to our participants as well as to the deprived areas of Derby to help support families with fresh veg and recipe ideas, making the fresh produce go further. If we all support each other and work hard to produce as much food as possible for our community then we will have an incredibly productive and positive outdoor space for all our service users to enjoy when they are able to join us again!