During lock down Whiffle Pig has seemed quieter but we have been working hard. With the
allotment needing less attention over the Winter Rachel and Annie worked on planning what
would be best for us to focus on, based on the feed back.
The food boxes have continued but now we are introducing the meal kits with ingredients and
seeds. We have been working on making poly tunnels entirely out of recycled materials including
a poly tunnel out of a broken trampoline costing only £17 for materials as everything was reused.
We have been working in the schools with the children outside and growing, including teaching
them about foragables and – during lock down – working with them via video link and planning
gardens. Now that Spiring has arrived we have started to plant both in the allotment in Derby and
in East Lothian with new exciting seeds and some we have harvested ourselves. We have
recognised the need to teach self sufficiency to those who would not ordinarily have been given
the chance to have that skill and have broadened our diversity working with the LGBTQ youth as
well as the families living in food poverty. We are really excited about these new projects blooming
and how much the community is getting involved, including helping the local school create an eco
sensory garden.