Upcycle Parts Shop is the leader in sustainable art and craft supplies in Cleveland, Ohio. A non-profit dedicated to provoking creativity and promoting community through reuse. 

Sustainability is key to the Upcycle Parts Shop. So, for the shop’s fifth anniversary celebrations, they wanted to use an eco-friendly alternative to traditional catering disposables.  

They used compostable Vegware plates and cups at the party, to allow visitors to enjoy refreshment whilst moving through the shop and their upstairs gallery space.  

After the event, Upcycle Parts Shop minimized their landfill waste by partnering with Rust Belt Riders.  Rust Belt Riders work with organizations to divert food from landfill by composting. With their help, the Upcycle Parts Shop was able to compost almost all their waste by using  compostable disposables donated by Vegware.  

Compostable disposables are designed to be recycled in an industrial composting facility together with food waste, using Vegware helps capture post-consumer food scraps that usually ends up in general waste.