Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter

This month at the Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter, a dinner was hosted by the shelter staff. It was an amazing dinner all prepared by staff for the shelter guests. That night was a lot of fun as staff and guests were able to sit an enjoy a special meal together. Relationships are so crucial to the process of getting people moved from streets to home, and what better way to build those relationships than over a nice meal! We also celebrated our 120th day birthday. In this time, we’ve seen 18 people move into permanent homes, which everyone counts as a big success given the California housing market. 

Check-In Center

September was an amazing month at the Check-in Center. Our first time receiving the Vegware products was such a blessing! Normally, coffee supplies are collected by the homeless clients to keep the coffee station usable for everyone. Everyone really appreciated the cups for coffee and are especially looking forward to having them now that the colder months are approaching. June also saw an influx of 6 new volunteers to help keep the Check-in Center open and running. Since it is a 100% volunteer-run facility, it’s always exciting to see new teammates join the ranks! 

Written By: Isabel Carpenter, Trellis Director of Volunteer Engagement