The month of September was great for the center. We did a paddleboard clean-up with SUP-Westchester and the Save the sound club from Mamaroneck High school. We used the Vegware gloves to get the trash native grasses where walking clean-ups wouldn’t be able to reach. We picked up 21 plastic bottles and 10 lbs. of trash on this clean-up alone. The Marine Education Center also hosted the Culinary classes from Mamaroneck High School where they learned sustainable fishing and how trash affects the ecosystem, especially ghost traps, lines, and nets. The students while using the seine net were beyond excited to use their Vegware gloves and clean-up the marine debris along the beach. We also did Several walking clean-ups throughout the harbor. The Marine Education Center also ran a weekly program named the biodegradation scavenger hunt, that centered around how long it takes trash to degrade and the usefulness of gloves like the ones we received from Vegware. At every clean-up the participants were beyond enthusiastic to have all the products used not made from plastic, it really influences and reaches the participants. Thank you Vegware for giving us this opportunity and we are really reaching a lot of people with your product! See you next month!


Written By: Kyle Troy, Marine Education Center