During September at the Three Hares ‘Trees and Seas Outdoor Adventures’ continued to run weekly Forest School sessions with Kaimes school for kids with autism. Monday 27th September marked the last session funded by National Lottery who’s funding allowed us to launch Forest School sessions at the woodland for the first time. Kaimes school and Trees and Seas Outdoor Adventures have secured more funding to continue running these sessions on the Three Hares land. Lots of moss and berry identification took place during this month, with the blackthorn and rowan berries in full bloom.

Three hares community woodland supported by Vegware Community Fund

As part of our ‘Seeding Growth’ covid recovery programme an adult mental health group was hosted on the land in conjunction with Health in Mind charity for a weekend of nature connection, wellbeing and storytelling activities.

Three hares woodland project supported by the Vegware Community Fund

 The aim was to ease people back into social settings and begin to feel comfortable in the outdoors again. Activities included group discussions (including discussions on what was tough during COVID-19), making and sharing of soup, tree and plant identification, conservation tree care work, path clearing and willow whip planting. Foraging also took place, mainly of elderberries, with an elderberry and rosehip syrup then collectively made on the fire.

Verbal feedback was recorded and mainly focused on feelings of joy and gratitude for being able to be out of the house and in a new nature setting.