It was International Stammering Awareness day on 22nd October and to mark it we launched our ‘Equality in Opportunity’ campaign which asks what is really meant by excellent communication and highlights discrimination that people who stammer can face when applying for jobs. A blog about this work is here: Equality In Opportunity Campaign 2021 – Cheryl King – Scottish Stammering Network


We also held two support groups this month for our parent/carer group, along with our adult support group. For the adult group, we had along special guest Paul Brocklehurst.


Paul is an experimental psychologist and also a person who stammers. For many years he has been an active member of the stammering self-help community and has a particular interest in the potential roles that mindfulness and meditation can play in helping people manage their stammering. He is best known for his research at the University of Edinburgh into the relationships between stammering, speech-errors, and perfectionism.