This has been a busy month for us with restrictions easing. We’ve at last been able to get out on the land! This month was the beginning of our covid recovery program which start off with our forest school. We partnered with Kaimes School and Trees and Seas Outdoor Adventures to deliver this. So far the kids have been enjoying exploring the site and have even made nettle burgers from nettles they’ve foraged! We’ve also been visited this month by health in mind who have planted a patch of willow. We’ve also tried a new technique with this patch using deer fences rather than our standard tree guards approach so it will be interesting to see how the young willow progress.  This month we’ve also been busy sorting out our hut for the summer and making use of our new mezzanine level. We also have been looking ahead to the Summer when we’re planning a Summer Story Camp for children in Midlothian.