In July Three Hares woodland hosted their first Storytelling camp in partnership with Dougie Mackay, a local storyteller and outdoor facilitator. This 3-day non-residential camp gave the opportunity for children aged 7 – 13 to enjoy some creative outdoor time in a welcoming environment, to hear stories, and create some of their own.

Fireside storytelling was mixed with exploration, games and creative activities (monsters were created and overcome, the ‘elixir of life’ was created out of foraged meadowsweet) with a focus on wellbeing, nature connection and fun.

The camp was a blast and all children and staff left filled with smiles and chants for more storytelling camps soon.

August was a quieter month for three hares as staff were on annual leave. We focused on important backend work which included writing project summary reports and liaising with partners for next year’s programmes focused on health, wellbeing and biodiversity improvement.

The woodland continued to be open for the public, with our new sign creating a welcoming entrance to users of the neighbouring cycle path. We received positive feedback this month from local residents who used the woodland for walks, river dips and sunbathing.