We are so glad that the weather has been warmer over the last few months and it has meant that our children and families have been able to enjoy lots of activities outside. Over the last few weekends our family sessions have involved lots of outside sports including balloon tennis, water slides and outdoor den building.

However it is our early years 0-2 activity based play group that have been on the best adventures over the last few months. The theme for their sessions is around the world with Charles, and he has been taking all the children that attend the service to lots of different countries around the world. Charles has visited Scotland, where we made our very own Loch Ness monster, Poland, Asia but our favourite countries to visit have been France and Uganda. In France all the families wore their best striped T-shirts and all the families got involved singing French nursery rhymes. The highlight of the session was when the children got to crush grapes and made their very own wine!


Everyone also enjoyed going to Uganda where our early year’s playteam leader Danielle lived for a year. On the adventure Charles got everyone to play along to African music on the drums, there was even some dancing. Danielle also prepared maize and plantain for the children to roll around in, it was very messy but lots of fun. Charles still has three more countries to visit including Australia, USA and in the final week he is off to the Arctic. Let’s hope the children get to meet some polar bears!

The Yard