The Ridge has created a range of sustainable businesses to provide training opportunities and permanent jobs for local people in Dunbar, as well as volunteer opportunities tackling food waste, mental health problems and social isolation.

Sunny Soups food waste project has been running since early 2017. Surplus food is collected from local shops, as well as community gardens and other occasional locations such as farms. Volunteers meet weekly to prepare soups and fruit, which are then available for anyone to take, absolutely free, from a freezer in Dunbar’s Bleachingfield Community Centre. It has become a well-used resource for many people when food budgets are tight, and has been known to feed whole families. For volunteers it’s a chance to reduce social isolation, learn new cooking skills, and help to reduce local food waste while generating free, nourishing food for the community. A number of our volunteers struggle with anxiety and depression and struggle to get out and about, and the sessions can help them build confidence and step away from these difficulties for a while.

The Ridge/Sunny Soups