It’s been the second month of Fork In The Road in Wester Hailes and after settling into the area, in the beginning, the project flourished. We partnered closely with Tasting Change this month, the multi partner agency tackling food poverty in the community, and their events brought people from all over together to meet, eat and enjoy themselves.

Fork In The Road popped up at the first ever community market day at the Westside Plaza, run by Tasting Change, and host to lots of the organisations which provide services and centres for the locals in Wester Hailes. There was a veggie barbecue, a community shop, herbal teas and remedies, cycling, housing advice and the bike kitchens serving up some tasty fruit kebabs.

We popped up in Clovenstone, a short cycle up a fairly large hill to meet the gardeners from the community garden there. We ran an art workshop and made a meal to celebrate the gardeners AGM! It was a beautiful evening and it was lovely to celebrate the success of this wee garden.

Fork In The Road was part of the Explorathon day at WHALE Arts, in partnership with Napier University. Loads of children and grown ups alike came to try out robots, video games, sound machines and all sorts of weird contraptions before joining us for some fresh seedy pancakes and a salad lunch! From this day we were met by a local journalist who wrote this article about the project :

Before we leave Wester Hailes we are making another book with everyone we’ve met over the last two months. Then it’s the last month on the road, and we’re heading to the South Centre of Edinburgh to join the Pavillion Café on the Meadows. As the days get shorter and colder the project will partner with local community gardens and with the Refugee Kitchen to make the last month before winter one to celebrate!

Fork in the Road