Scottish Beekeepers’ Association - December update

As the festivities of December started, we were delighted to bee involved in some fun talks within Scottish primary schools, north and south. Pupils and teachers at Wallacehall Primary School in Thornhill, Dumfries-shire were so welcoming and attentive, asking loads of bee questions and sharing their fun bee tales, check out the buzzy lot in our video! (see attached video)

After this we headed north to Brechin, where we spent a wonderful day with over 300 pupils and their teachers at Maisondieu Primary School. It was fantastic to chat all things bees, honeybees and pollination. And even better to have a guided tour of their new orchard and raised beds which are all set for Spring and the visiting pollinators, long may your new garden buzz!!

Masiondieu Primary School & New Raised Beds

Lastly, we had the great pleasure of chatting to the wonderful team at Vegware, and were delighted to share how their Community Funding has supported us throughout 2017 (and share some honeybee facts too!).

Thank you all so much!