Creating a bee-friendly environment!

Thanks to Vegware, 1,140 children will now be able to grow bee friendly plants!

Every child on our Honeybee programme has been given a bee-friendly plant to grow at home.  But how to get the plants home?  Vegware to the rescue! We’ve been able to use Vegware’s seconds and samples so that coffee cups have become handy plant pots!  By tending the plants at home, children are helping the London Beekeepers Association to create a bee-friendly environment.

Why does this matter?

Bees have survived on the planet for over 100 million years! However, many honeybees are in rapid decline. Many factors including habitat destruction, attack by exotic pests and urban development have played a part in pollinators taking a toll. Therefore, the London Beekeepers Association want the British public to start thinking about how they can help stop this decline, by planting bee friendly plants, before they think about keeping bees first. So how can you help? Follow in the footsteps of our kids by:

  • Providing a source of water
  • Not planting highly bred flowers
  • Planting fruit trees
  • Don’t use pesticides which harm bees!

Follow these steps and together we can all help save our Honey Bees!

Click here for more information on our Honey bee programme.