Throughout June, we served around 80 people a week, although towards the end of the month numbers did decline. We think it could possibly be associated with the weather, as numbers can really fluctuate in the summer. The heat also means that we’ve been asking for donations of reusable water bottles and sun cream, so fingers crossed we manage to get hold of some!

We held our first fundraiser event for friends and family and we raised £1,700 so it was definitely a success! It’s given us good practice, so hopefully we will hold a bigger event at some time later this year. Before the event, Enviral – a local marketing company – redesigned our logo for free, which looks great!

Something else we got up to in June was three of our amazing volunteers headed down to the Glastonbury aftermath to reuse leftover sleeping bags – and came back with over 150! This is really exciting as we haven’t had sleeping bags to hand out for a while. We can’t wait to get them washed and hand them out – hopefully they will last us a long time.