Rhubarb Farm - September Update

September, of course, is all about the annual Langwith Show.

A lot of work goes into getting our site ready and nothing focuses the mind like

expecting company! A local farmer kindly donated loads of wood chippings to cover our pathways not only making them look smart but providing a safe walking surface for our visitors. He delivered quite a lot more than expected and it took staff and volunteers quite some time to barrow it around site. A few pictures are attached to show the delivery and the finished pathways.

The Show is getting bigger and better each year and this year we provided some exciting new entertainment with our very own ‘Red Barrow Dismay Team’

The team was set up as part of our ‘5 ways to Well Being Programme’ and was made up of staff and volunteers who worked together to select the music and arrange the chorography. They were helped along with this by one of our volunteers, Nicky, aka Miss Tina, the very same Miss Tina who came along to open our community café back in June.  I have attached a few pictures of them in action at the show. Other entertainment included the fabulous rock band Buddies and spot of belly dancing!

As the growing season starts to slow down our attention turns to alternative activities and training. Volunteers have taken part in Hate Crime Awareness Training, Illegal Money Lending and for the last couple of weeks have been learning how to cook healthy takeaways, we think you will agree, all necessary life skills for us all.