February flew by with our service users making some really good progress. We inducted four new people into the workshop, as we steadily work our way towards our desired twenty. 

We had quite a few customer orders that we completed, with the team here producing some really excellent results, much to the delight of our customers. We even made some time for some mental health awareness training kindly provided by Balfour Beatty, who are looking to strengthen their relationship with Hope over the coming weeks. We restocked our friends over at Coton Manor with tools, who have been kind enough to sell and promote the great work we do. We started working on some wood art with a new pyropen we purchased, which should allow our more artistic clients to express their creativity and for us to produce some decorative ornaments in the coming months. We even found time to put in some extra hours and finally get round to building the stud wall in the office (just in time to keep the cold out). 

Just some of the excellent tools we’ve refurbished this month and our lovely new stud wall, just needing the vapour membrane and boarding (which we’ll put the finishing touches to in March).