Helping in the community – The guys made a barrow for the spinal patients at ’Horatio’s Garden at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (for long-term patients who are in hospital for months). The barrow will be used to take books, papers, and items around to patients who are unable to mobilise.

They made small benches and planters for Johnstone Early Learning Centre – Nursery, as well as carrying out odd jobs and some repairs.

They made a platform for a lady who wants to take photographs of pets and unusual animals, to raise them up for better photographs. They continue to do garden tidy-ups and grass cutting for the elderly neighbors. One of our members took reconditioned electronic tablets and phones to the Ukrainian refugees who are currently being housed on a cruise ship docked in Govan, who were thrilled at the donation.

With a grant from Roberson Trust, we have started “Warm in Winter” days, where we open on a day that we are usually closed offering a free bowl of soup, a roll, tea coffee, and a cake for over 60s to get warm and get some warm food during this very difficult time. This is being very well received and the users are very grateful.

Events & Development – They had a very successful Christmas Fair raising funds and raising awareness of our group which has brought several new members to the shed. We also had a Christmas Night Out which also doubled as a celebration for winning “Scottish Men’s Shed of the Year 2022” which we were totally thrilled and delighted at winning. It gave us recognition for all the hard work we have put in this year.

“Music in Hospitals and Care” continues to provide live music sessions in the shape of a Guitarist who comes in once a week to sing, take requests, and get the guys to join. The She-shed continues to flourish and has had a taster session for their own cycling group to start in March. Tai chi classes continue on Thursdays to provide classes for both men and women. Cookery classes continue and new member Eddie provided us with authentic Malaysian cooking. Although the Art classes have been delayed due to illness they shall be starting soon.

The model railway has expanded and now has a canal and barge and the engines are running well. During some of the cold days, the scraps and offcuts of wood from projects made a good fire to keep warm outside.

The solar panel project to heat and light our new potting shed and the shed at the allotment is underway as the guys paint hundreds of used drink cans black to make the basis of the solar panel. Meerson group posted how we were recycling their packaging to make some great products.

We would like to thank you wholeheartedly again for your much-valued support – so much of our funding is for projects only and so it’s fantastic that your charity sees the value in helping with the running costs that are so vital to keep charities like ours open. 😊