Since our last update we have been able to move along smoothly with our allotment project, as we have been coming out of lockdown and began slowly integrating people back into the social norm.


One of our volunteers has began painting the inside of our shed where we had the foundations of a tree established and he has really brought it to life, following this he began work on a huge mural type painting on the side of one of the storage containers on the Allotment, this is still a work in progress but as you can see it is coming along nicely and is a huge focus point for people to see on out plot.


Other work we have planned is to have large foot paths built leading to our compost bins as the area has been neglected, this will also allow us to put in a new water storage container that will be large enough to take a pump, should we need to use a hose to water our plot.

We are also in the progress of  getting some additional flagging as well as a gazebo built round our seating area, and work should commence on this, starting this weekend.


During these last few years we have identified a need for a more permanent member of staff to be present on the allotments as it has continued to develop and generated a larger interest, and to this effect we have secured funding to hire a part time allotment manager who started with us in August 2021, She has shown a tremendous amount of knowledge and has already begun to implement new plans for the future.


We have purchased various new equipment for the plot due to an increase in volunteers, this includes spade, fork and hand trowels, as well as a larger variety of seeds. We also had a young person who originally attended our sessions over 10 years ago who came to interview us about how we used our green space during covid for he university course.


We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and are as pleased with the work as we are, we wish you all well and hope you will continue to support us as we continue to move towards a brighter future.