September has been a magical month for our surf festival, surf therapy programme and community session.

We have been so lucky to score amazing waves and come together in community and healing many times this month.

The surf festival was held over two days at the start of September with an extra day for team training.


Surf Festival

The team was lucky enough to have some surf coaching from local pro surfer Jacob Mellish and professional photographer Hugo Spinola supporting our development.

The surf festival her beautiful opening and closing ceremony, life coaching with Hannah Buchan, yoga Indra and practice with Sally Harris, Music & dance around the fire with Harley Louden and a wonderful art workshop with Jen Austin and Charlotte Cadzow.

The surf festival has great surfing conditions and lots of sunshine which was supported by our amazing team of volunteers.


Surf Therapy

Our surf therapy program has quickly deepened into September working alongside African Caribbean Society of Scotland.
This wonderful group of women, volunteers and facilitators quickly have reached a depth of emotional regulation and sea, self-love practices, Sharing wisdom of life and of the waves.


Community Sessions


Last Saturday we brought together 10 women with incredible surf conditions, surf journalling, surf safety teaching and surf strength coaching. Some of the women attending had a fear of the sea and really courageous stepping into their power and community looking after one another.





Thank you so much to Vegware for their monthly support and contribution which helps us to provide a safe base from which to deliver our programs.


Waves of Love,