Glasgow’s Golden Generation is grateful to Vegware for its generous support. Your support allowed us to deliver a programme of events and activities at our three day-care centres across the city (southside, east end and west end). The grant also contributed to the costs of activity workers supporting older people with dementia at the centres. Over the past year we supported 93 older people living with dementia. 

Centre managers regularly met and discussed supporting service users with dementia and ways in which they could be included. Service users enjoyed a number of Christmas parties both internally and externally and these were all dementia friendly. 

Service users were also invited to the charity’s AGM and this included several people living with dementia which gave them the opportunity to have input on the running of the charity, which is crucial. 

Activities delivered across the centres included: 

• Tai Chi 

• Parachute games 

• Halloween party 

• Burns Day 

• Nativity performance 

• Dancing session delivered by Tramway 

• Armchair exercises 

• Christmas parties 

• Nursery and school visits 

• Balloon tennis 

• Scots’ songs 

• Poetry writing 

• Cooking demonstration 

Thank you for your support!