The big event for Genesis this month was the formal opening of the Gateway Centre on 16th May, where supporters and donors came along to see the new building and found out more about their projects and plans.

They also had a fantastic piece of fundraising good news – receiving a check from Boston Tea Party Cafes (Bath) for over £2,200 – collected from donations of 10p every time a customer bought a hot drink using a re-usuable cup! That’s 22,000 hot drinks over the course of a year!

They have also introduced Vegware cups to the Soup Run project. Previously polystyrene cups were used, which were unsustainable and poor quality. It’s early days so far but everyone seems happy with the new cups! Pictured below is one of their Soup Run leaders (Sue), collecting the Vegware cups to distribute to the teams.

For more information about the work of Genesis Trust, please visit their website.