Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has rescued 43 dogs and 14 cats; reunited 18 dogs and 6 cat; and rehomed 26 dogs and 9 cats in April.

Forever stories

We have so many happy stories of our dogs and cats finding loving forever homes to share each month, but stories about the dogs and cats that have been with for long periods of time, or have faced difficult challenges during their stay at the Home, provide stories that are extra special for our staff and supporters.

One great example is Pablo, a large two-year-old Doberman, who was handed into the Home by his owner in August 2018. Pablo had a sweet but excitable personality and with some training, our dedicated staff knew we could find him a home. He received veterinary care, enrichment and lots of training during his 242 days at the Home. Nearly eight months after he was handed in, the perfect family came down to the Home and fell in love with Pablo. We are happy to report that Pablo is now happily living with his new family in the Highlands and despite his size, firmly believes he is a lap dog!

A colourful community project

In April, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home will unveil a colourful community-led mural along the Seafield Promenade. The 80-foot mural will occupy a wall, previously covered in graffiti, along the shoreline. Designed and painted by local artists, Studio N_Name, the mural will embody the vibrant people, heritage and environment of the local community.

The mural design is inspired by the natural forms and landscapes along the coast and will feature flora, fauna and historic elements found throughout this portion of coastline. Most importantly, the mural is fun and cheerful to represent the spirit of local residents, who contributed ideas at community engagement sessions held at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

The Home has wanted to place a mural on this wall for several years to improve the local area and give back to a community that has provided us with so much support. Through a partnership with the Edinburgh Shoreline project, we were able to make this dream a reality.

The Home hopes that this mural will also increase footfall along the Seafield Promenade, resulting in more visitors to the Home and more animals finding their forever homes.

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