With the spread of Coronavirus now taking effect in Ghana, it is vital we take measures to prevent the spread within our community. The biggest challenge to preventing the spread of coronavirus in the local community is the lack of hand washing facilities, so we are changing the focus of our work.

We have converted the Meet Me There Learning Centre into a liquid soap -making factory, and want to give EVERY household in Dzita-Agbledomi access to hand washing facilities by installing a ‘Tippy Tap’. Tippy Taps are widely used in disadvantaged communities where there is no running water. We plan to install 20 Tippy Taps a day, accompanied by a health education session delivered by our amazing community health nurses. There are around 1500 households in need of a Tippy Tap, and we need to produce 170 litres of liquid soap a day! We look forward to sharing our progress with you next month!