20160601_140800_thumbHarvesting of crops comes into full swing in June and we now have peas, salad crops, rhubarb, strawberries, broad beans, wet garlic, potatoes and courgettes to fill our veg bags and supply to Welbeck Farm Shop.  With the addition of our new field we are hoping to generate more income this year from our vegetables.

Operation Soup ended with a Soup Competition on 1st June. Local people brought in eight different soups.  Madame Zucchini, a vegetable entertainer, did a quirky show for the families who attended, and then she judged the soup. June, aged 81, won the competition for her mushroom soup.  Everyone had a great time tasting all the different soups and eating tasty real bread.  It was a great way to show that soup is easy to make and can be so delicious and nutritious.  Then the children all made vegetable animals with Madame Zucchini.