Hello, again from the rainforest in the Amazonas area of Ecuador.

Well, sadly, this month we had to bid farewell to Ramon who was a real asset to the team with his positive approach and hard work. Many thanks, Ramon, for your help and safe journeys in Peru and home to Spain!

Some more excellent news this month…….Peter, who has been here with us now for some time, has just bought 46 hectares of mainly jungle land very close by the Fundación’s land. He aims to protect and reforest where possible, and he has ideas for sustainable crop production, as well as ideas regarding eco-tourism and building a home. Good one, Pete!

Seen, on and around the land this month were:

A Golden Tanager;

A Woodcreeper – although, due to their being 28 species here in Ecuador, with many appearing very similar to one another especially from a distance – it was not possible to positively identify which species it was;

A Red-headed Barbet;

A Cabeza de Mate (Tayra);

A Purplish Jacamar.

These species are in addition to all those more regularly seen species – such as many other birds, insects, and, of course, orchids and other plant species.

Work has continued on general maintenance activities and moving materials, and, due to somewhat unforeseen circumstances we have decided to create a new entrance to the Fundación’s land. It will be directly opening onto our land and will enable access from the road below. Thanks to the support of the Consejo Provincial of Pastaza and dedicated members of the team, plans are moving well ahead. We have started work on the path from the quarantine/clinic towards the drop-off point.

The Consejo are helping with machinery and materials to create the direct access from the road through quite difficult terrain, and to create a drop-off area for materials in the future for further developments on the land.

Even with the help of the Consejo, there is much work to be done. It will be a much more suitable way into the land; for visitors and volunteers it will be direct arrival to the jungle. So the work on the shower/toilet will be a little delayed, however, we hope not by long…..as ever, watch this space!