Closed two weeks over Festive period but volunteers were back working on 3rd January. We have many more bikes now at the unit and have just last month agreed with the local authority that bikes from all recycling centres will now come to Just Cycle –with grateful thanks to the Criminal Justice team  at SBC who assist with transport and storage.

Sales-more sales to students last month including those studying in Edinburgh-word has spread of our brilliant service and competitive prices!

We have a request from a local primary school to supply bikes for nursery and p1 children (ages 3-6 years) as staff wish to get their children engaged early in outdoor physical activities. We will be providing around 10-12 bikes over the next couple of weeks –and more when we have them.

Galashiels  Rotary Club. We were asked  some months ago to go along to give a presentation on the charity so will be doing that this week  in order to promote what we have been doing and outline our future plans.

Funding-In January we managed to secure some funding for technical training for volunteers and we await the outcome of larger applications for staffing.