Many of you will know that Greener Leith has been actively pursuing community-owned renewable energy projects since 2008. These proposed projects, the micro-hydro on the Water of Leith and wind turbines at Seafield and Tomfat, would have had the potential to generate clean, renewable energy as well as provide revenue for the communities involved. 

Unfortunately, despite having had the benefit of professional advice and guidance throughout the life of these projects, none of them proved viable in the end.  Despite a sustained effort over the past years hundreds of volunteer hours have been spent in vain, leaving Greener Leith supporters disappointed and disheartened.  It just shows how difficult these undertakings are with only minimal resources at hand.

Our third and final energy generating option, The Tomfat project, was recently refused planning approval due to local concerns over the visual impact of the turbines.  In addition, the Highland Council, retrospectively applying recently altered planning guidance, rejected our appeal

While we are disappointed by this most recent decision, we accept that this is the end for this and any other community-owned renewable energy projects. We will however continue to look for other social enterprise opportunities that can benefit Leith.