Due to the development the food poverty aspect of our project we are looking at introducing new services and activities. We have also decided to launch a bid writing service within our area in order to:

1.) Provide support to other groups

2.) Generate income to reduce reliance on funding.

We have also been informed of a gap in the provision to for benefit claimants of some basic skills courses locally, which we are also looking to fulfil and it will bring in more service users and client referrals. We are looking for funding in this area as we seek to recruit trainers, although I begin a Education and Training Teaching course this week so that I too will be eligible to assist in the area of teaching.

Fundraising and marketing are now a significant focus for us this year.

If you wish to have more information please let me know.

We also learned in December that we will find out shortly after 18th January if we have a new office within which we will offer further volunteer opportunities and seek to bring in new employees.