In a remote village hall, a packed audience heard the personal stories of the local eco heroes who have shaped history. They all lived within view of the legendary rocks above the hall.

Professor Christopher Day, MBE has influenced architecture with his buildings and books showing how health, soul and spirit are enriched or destroyed through buildings. He has written ten books, some have global reach and are available in 9 languages including Welsh, Chinese and Russian. Dr. Brian John was one if the earliest pioneers of energy awareness and renewables,setting up a local energy group in 1980 which collectively bought and distributed insulation before anyone had it, installed the first grid connected renewable in the UK, and the first bottle bank, or so we believe. He told his tale of fighting intractable opposition from the Local Authority with determination and humour.

Tony Wrench was next, speaking with others about how his round house hidden under a grass roof was the subject of over 10 years of legal battle leading to a new policy for the whole of Wales which allows people to live sustainably in home-made homes on green fields in the countryside – with strict conditions.

The daughters of John Seymour spoke most movingly about the legacy of their parents and the Welsh past they grew up in. Finally there was a short talk about the transformative potential of community sponsorship of refugees, and to cap it all a member of Brynberian hall committee told the homely inspiring tale of how the hall we are in is being transformed through community effort into a green spacious home for the incredibly vibrant range of activities happening in the remote hills. The outside loos are finally going.

We left the 6 hours of talks refreshed and amazed that there has been progress in the world and individuals and communities on the margins of society can be world movers and history makers.