The summer holidays are coming to an end and for us this means a new season is coming up of new volunteers, students who have just moved to London and are looking to get involved in their local community.


Apart from the heat, which made life difficult for many, we had to contend with fewer volunteers in August and last minute cancellation of in kind donations. No water deliveries, no vegetarian meals and skeletal volunteers.


We are fortunate to have a great support team who follow us on social media and respond to our urgent cries for help and came to the rescue at the last minute. When we were told we’d have no water delivered, a donor came forward with water and canned drinks – a rare treat for our guests.

And when our delivery of vegetarian food couldn’t be made or delivered, a volunteer came forward and offered to cook vegetable pasta and another volunteer agreed to drive it across to us.


This month we also welcomed Charity Queen Miss London 2022 as a volunteer, a beautiful soul she threw herself (and her family) straight into helping out with anything they could.


It’s only through such community initiatives that so many of us would ever meet… it truly is bringing people together.

Instagram: coa_soupkitchen