As the weather improved in May distributions became smoother and threw fewer challenges.. food wasn’t getting soaked, recyclable packaging wasn’t disintegrating as the rain poured down and we were able to distribute slowly to a group of guests who enjoyed being out in the good weather.

Then RideLondon took place and everything changed!

Roads around Holborn were closed and even though our distribution point was 100 metres from the closure stewards weren’t letting us through.

Collections from stores were also a challenge as we could only get to them on foot and as a result of the road, closures stores had seen fewer customers and so had more to offer us.

It took 8 volunteers to carry the bags from one store and they were heavy. The closest a car could get to them was halfway to the distribution point and even then it had to reverse out of a one-way street as it had also been closed due to the event.

By the time we reached Lincoln’s Inn Fields (after stewards understood what it was we were doing and saw how much food the cars contained), we were 40 mins late and we still had to set up!

Unfortunately, a number of cars with donations (including the water and the vegetarian meals) encountered too much traffic and had to abort the mission! This reduced the offering but the guests understood the situation and were content with what was on offer.

In spite of the delays we were done within the hour, guests were fed and happy and everyone parted ways.

What a challenge but, as ever, the volunteers pulled together and made it work and the guests were provided for.

It’s why we are there!