The end of the summer term has been very busy and our groups well attended.

The school term ended with The BIG BROOMHOUSE Sing-along along with the local community. We joined in the singing and provided a stall where the children and families could make their own Fruit Kebabs and Fruit Faces.

We have now launched our new Walking Group ‘Pick up the Pace’, this has encouraged more men to join our health walks.  We have also been encouraging our walkers to participate in the training courses for ‘Walk Leaders’. They said they were not keen to travel to other places for training. In response we have teamed up with Alan from Health all Round who also run walks to create our own inhouse training session that we can share with the group and others in an informal setting. This ensures everyone can feel comfortable and to take part in the running and organising of the walking group.

The lovely June sunshine allowed some of the ‘Tasty Bite Drop ins’ out of doors in the market place, we usually offer this in the shop.  We provided activities making simple fruit and veg snacks that they take away for free. Customers and passers-by  can also try the tasty bites and fruity fun

Our next session of Mindfulness will start in August at Sighthill Health Centre. There is a lot of interest and the group is almost booked up.

We have enjoyed some additional physical activities here in Broomhouse for our older adults, run by ‘Forrester and St Augustine Sports Hub’. Jayne and Kate brought equipment and expertise and helped us set up some Walking Netball’ sessions in May and June. 10 local women took part. Lots of exercise,  and great to have our group having so much active fun in the public park. This connection also led to older adults taking part in local free beginners Swimming Lessons with ‘The hub’ with more sessions available in July. Pick up the Pace Tuesdays and Friday walking group continue through the holidays.

We have lots going on in our Summer Programme –  Outdoor Family Exercise, Social Bus Outings to the Pentlands and North Berwick and City Art Centre, Cooking with Kids in the local hall, Cooking up a Story at the shop and last but not least our very popular Street Party. Everyone is welcome on the 7th August.

All our regular term time groups start up again in August –   Buggy Gym, Duo, Baby’s First Foods, Chair Exercise and Mindfulness

Broomhouse Health Strategy Group