In April, Brixton People’s Kitchen delivered the CooksForce program. The classes were open to both adults and children (over the age of 5).

The aim was to feature and introduce a wide variety of healthy, nutritious and affordable food. In addition to promote health and safety in the kitchen and increase participants general confidence and cookery skills.

Across the three weeks, we created delicious meals such as Spinach and Sweet Potato Dahl, Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Mezze favourites. At the end of the course, participants were given a recipe book packed full of cooking ideas including how to grow, source and store food. They were also given the opportunity to volunteer or attend our Be Enriched community canteens.

We utilised the vegware soup cups to portion out the food, introduce new foods and dish out the food afterwards

‘I very much enjoyed this course. It gave me a new mindset towards cooking from scratch and also different dishes. This has been such a life-changing course for me because it has given me the tools to take care of myself (i.e. practice self-care) and also have a wonderful joyous time with my cooking team. Both teachers handled the course and the many personality types well and at the end we all felt like a small family. I am very glad I came. I feel unstoppable. I can do anything.’

To find out more about Be Enriched, please visit their website here.