Primate welfare and conservation charity, Wild Futures relies heavily on the support and good-will of people to raise funds. As a way of saying thank you, every year Wild Futures hosts a Supporter’s Day, at their flagship project, The Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall. The day involves a free lunch, talks and tours around the site to see the rescued monkeys, games, information about the charity, and a special thank you from the director, Rachel Hevesi.

The day is a perfect opportunity to tell supporters where their kind hearted donations are going and how they help. Wild Futures is currently fund-raising to build new enclosures for marmosets, one of the tiniest victims of the UK primate pet trade. Supporters were also told about the success of overseas projects, in Morocco, South Africa and Peru, funded by Wild Futures, which is only possible due to their support. Director, Rachel Hevesi, said, “We need to raise £60,000 for the marmoset appeal. It is heart-breaking to turn monkeys away because we do not have the space for them. This is our chance to meet and thank our supporters who make our vital welfare and conservation work possible. It is a great morale boost to the team and spurs us on to achieve more for those animals who so desperately need our help. ”All in all the day was a huge success, thanks to the local businesses around the area, Vegware, and Essential, that helped the day come to fruition, as well as the many valued supporters, without whom, Wild Futures would not be able to continue with their essential work.

Thank you again, for your very generous support.