We’ve steamed into 2019 with two very productive soup-making sessions: 79 pots have gone into the freezers already. These have moved into their own little room in the community centre, and we have added a new overflow freezer that is allowing us to add more each week, and also add any meals we get donated. We had 10 volunteers at the last session, who whizzed through a pile of surplus vegetables in no time.

This month we have transformed surplus produce from the Crunchy Carrot greengrocer and a local wholesaler, used up leftover frozen veg from Dunbar Basics Food Bank’s Christmas meal, and added in some freshly picked chard from The Backlands, our community garden, for good measure.

Three of our volunteers are taking their food hygiene certificate, which will allow them to run sessions when the project leader can’t make it. They also aim to re-start one of our monthly community meals, temporarily paused through lack of time.

Over the Christmas period The Ridge’s community café used Vegware’s pots to keep the freezer stocked with their surplus soup, and by making a bit extra with rescued veg that Sunny Soups prepped in advance.