The Marine Education Center is extremely grateful to receive plant-based gloves from Vegware. These are worn by the community groups and public that participate in our clean-ups.

Before each group starts their clean-up, our naturalist speaks about where the gloves come from and how important it is for the ecosystem, especially the one in our back yard, the Long Island Sound.

We recently ran several programs with a school group of 3rd graders from New Rochelle, including a biodegradation scavenger hunt. This entailed a game describing how long it takes for certain garbage items to break-down, and then the students went out in the field and did a mini-clean-up.

An AP environmental science class from Mamaroneck High School came along for a general clean-up in the intertidal zone along the west side of the harbor. Remarkably, we picked up over 12 pounds in less than an hour!

We are reaching more and more people every day and especially during these clean-ups it is important to have materials that are safe for the environment and these are a huge asset.

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