We have Zola the Christmas dog (we decorated anything that stood still for long enough), Alan the grumpy Christmas elf (he didn’t win the prize he wanted in the present game, but did get an excellent hat), and Michael going on outreach with his homemade light-up Christmas tree hat (incredible)!

This month has of course been about Christmas and Covid. We keep looking at our Covid plan and updating it where required; making sure that our residents know what to do if they get symptoms etc but also creating space for them to talk about worries, concerns, or queries.

Street work numbers have been quite low which is expected this time of year as lots of members of the community and other charities take out food and supplies around the festive period.

We have been sharing current covid and Christmas information with guests on the streets e.g. about boosters and also updates on Crisis at Christmas etc to make sure they know what is open when and for what.